1) What information could I code in my QR?
It’s possible to code a wide variety of information from plain text to even bitcoin or Wi-Fi login. Check the list below for inspiration:
  •  Website URL
  •  YouTube Video
  •  Google Maps Location
  •  Twitter
  •  Facebook
  •  LinkedIn
  •  Instagram
  •  FourSquare
  •  App Store Download
  •  iTunes Link
  •  Dropbox
  •  Plain Text
  •  Telephone Number
  •  Skype Call
  •  SMS Message
  •  Email Address
  •  Email Message
  •  Contact Details
  •  Digital Business Card
  •  Event (VCALENDAR)
  •  Wi-Fi Login (Android Only)
  •  PayPal Buy Now Link
  •  Bitcoin.
2) What are the technical restrictions for QR codes?
QR code is a graphical model of the data it contains. We create QRs with maximal 30% error correction capability. That means, our designer could potentially change (remove, replace, obscure) 30% of the code image, and the QR code should still be readable by scanners. You will find the brief description of the major technical restrictions below.
  • Color and contrast: Color for the body of QR code should be bright and contrast with the background, e.g. yellow on even white background would doubtfully be readable at all.
  • Essential areas: There are several areas in QR code that are especially essential and should be changed with a great caution. It is 3 squares on the corners and one dot surrounded with wight square on the left side.
  • Long text: If you decide to code a long link or long chunk of text, the capability of changes decreases greatly, because the number of essential areas increases. We would recommend using the dynamic link option for such a case.
3) I couldn’t scan my QR code. Does this mean it is not working?
Not necessarily. That probably means, it is not scanning by your current scanner. You could try the next steps:
  • scan your QR code by another scanner from our list
  • print it and then try to scan again.
It is better to check several scanners from our list, especially for delicious QR codes. Our designer always tries to find the optimal point between readability and creativity.
A dynamic link is just a short URL that redirects to the website or information you specified in your order. A dynamic link creates the possibility to change the information for QR code at any time you want, because we do not change the QR code itself, but the redirection for the short link.
We use QRstuff.com service to handle dynamic links. If you need to change your data, just write us a request.
5) What are the sizes of QR codes for printing?
6) Is there any discounts for regular clients? / How can I get a discount?

We are working on our discount system for our regular clients. Currently, we provide discounts on personal request. The updated system will be available before 1st of April, 2016.

7) I want to print >5 items with my QR code. What do you recommend that I do before printing?
Although we always check everything on our side, we would advise:
  • double-check your information, especially if you are not using the dynamic link option,
  • check wether you are happy with current readability,
  • print several samples (see 12) and try scan-ability.
If you want to change something, just notify us. We are able to fix any issues before you print everything, but not afterwards.
8) I have printed my QR code and I would want to change the link for it. Is it possible?

It is possible if you have specified the dynamic link option in your order. Otherwise, there is no way to change the link/info after printing.

9) I don’t know the link/info for my QR code yet/I want to change the info later. Can we start working now?

Yes, we can start with your order now, with the dynamic link option.

10) Is there any expiration date for my QR code?

No, the QR code’s life doesn’t have any limits.

11) Will my QR code contain any ads?

No, we don’t put any ads into your code. However, your customers could see the ads from scanners.

12) I don’t want ads’ in scanners with my QR code. Can I get rid of it?

Unfortunately, no. Ads’ are controlled by developers of scanners. We couldn’t influence ads’ presence in apps, nor ads’ content.

13) What is .eps final file? How can I open it?
EPS final file is the file that contains QR code in high quality. You will be able to change anything you want (colors, logo, etc.) with this type of file if you have the software to open/edit it. There are numerous programs that work with the eps file format, like Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, CorelDRAW, etc. It is also a good format for sending your QR code to a printing company.
14) What scanners do you use for check up?
Here is the list of scanners our designer typically uses for checking your QR code readability
  • QR barcode scanner by WB Development Team
  • QR Droid Code scanner
  • Manatee scanner
  • QRafter
  • Barcode scanner by SMobile factory
  • Tapmedia scanner and QR code scanner by ping gong
 You could also download any other app with a good score in iTunes App Store/Android Market.
15) I have a brilliant idea for my QR code. How could I check if it’ll work out?
You could describe your idea to us! We have a lot of experience in unique QR code creation and can predict whether the specific idea will work out. Sometimes, it is not possible to know it before trying. Unique QR code is the thing that lies among an art and technology.
16) I want to make QR invisible, but still scannable. Is it possible?
This would be funny, of course, but it is not going to work due to the technical restrictions.